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Working memory resources can be efficiently deallocated from items that become obsolete
PsyArXiv  doi:10.31234/osf.io/dbv3h

2022 / in press

Role of time in binding features in visual working memory
Psychological Review  (in press)


Mechanisms of feature binding in visual working memory are stable over long delays
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Transsaccadic integration operates independently in different feature dimensions
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Special Issue: “From Peripheral to Transsaccadic and Foveal Perception”

Limited memory for ensemble statistics in visual change detection
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Transsaccadic integration relies on a limited memory resource
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Special Issue: “From Peripheral to Transsaccadic and Foveal Perception”

Location-independent feature binding in visual working memory for sequentially presented objects
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Theory of neural coding predicts an upper bound on estimates of memory variability
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Independent working memory resources for egocentric and allocentric spatial information
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Flexible updating of dynamic knowledge structures
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Functions of memory across saccadic eye movements REVIEW
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Dopamine reverses reward insensitivity in apathy following globus pallidus lesions
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Special Issue: “Interactions between attention and visual short-term memory (VSTM)”


Precision versus capacity of working memory in schizophrenic and healthy individuals
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2005 & earlier

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